Welcome to Artemesia

  • Reading the pulse provides insights into energy flow and organ function

  • Acupuncture helps restore balance

  • Cupping brings out blockages and releases stuck energy

Welcome to Artemesia

Brigitte HartmannDeb Halstead

Do you remember a time when you were at the top of your game? You never ran short of energy, and sickness was not in your dictionary? Not all is lost. Artemesia offers therapies that restore healthy balance, and balance is the key to wellbeing. Sickness, injury, poor lifestyle habits, and the stresses of everyday life are things we all experience. They disrupt the delicate equilibrium that is so important to wellness and vitality.

When you come to Artemesia the first time, you will get a sense of a safe, harmonious healing place. Brigitte will take time to get to know you. Are you active, have a desk job, or practice a physically strenuous profession? Are you hurting? Are you consuming foods and chemicals that are good or bad for you? Is stress stopping you from thriving at your highest level?

We will have a conversation about the level to which you want to take your wellness, and set common goals. I will ask you about your energy, sleep, nutrition, drugs, supplements, and I might ask you to keep a food diary for a while. Based on this information we can set a course for healing, and for having you reach your highest potential.

After 26 years of Acupuncture practice I am as astounded about the results of this exciting therapy as I was during my own healing experience over 30 years ago, and am excited to bring the benefits of this safe, effective, and drug-free form of therapy to the greater Worcester area at Artemesia in Northborough. With a background in Eastern and Western therapies, the wisdom of both worlds for an integrative approach to health are offered here. As a patient, you will receive thorough, individualized, and comprehensive care, free of side effects and discomfort.

Before coming to Wellsprings Integrative Health: “I was feeling like I would never feel good again, and be in pain for the rest of my life, thinking I can’t live like this!” After receiving treatment: “It is nothing short of a miracle! I have resumed all of my prior activities including horseback riding, farm chores, and babysitting for my 3 grandchildren ages 3 and under. Thank you Deb!” – CAM

“Brigitte, you are a miracle worker. For the first time in 2 weeks I have no back pain, and am able to stand up straight, vs. being hunched over. Thank you so very much” Robert F., 65 years old, spinal stenosis

“I just came home from my treatment, and noticed I was no longer dizzy and unbalanced. I feel wonderful, thank you!” Helen S., 86 years old

“Not only are you amazing at what you do but also you are equally as impressive as a a kind, thoughtful human being!” Cindy F., concussion