Boost Immune System

I’m always being asked if Acupuncture can boost the Immune System. The answer is yes…  it is amazing at doing this. We call the first line of defense wei qi.  This is energy that circulates just beneath our skin and regulates sweating and immunity. Wei qi keeps pores closed preventing viruses and bacteria from entering our body.  In Chinese Medicine we call them pathogenic factors.  Environmental factors such as wind, cold, heat and damp form the basis for an imbalance, that allows a pathogenic factor to enter our body. For example, if we sweat in a cold wind our pores are open and it is easy to catch a chill or cold.  A cold wind on our back or neck can cause a stiff neck or shoulder and excess heat or sun can cause heat stroke.

A healthy balanced body has a strong and effective immune system. Things that leave us feeling run down, tired, lethargic, or depressed will lower immunity and compromise how our bodies respond to pathogens.


Here are a few tips that help boost the immune system, and improve wei qi – especially with cooler weather approaching:

  • Eat appropriate to the seasons: cool foods like salads in summer, lightly cooked food in fall, and warm soups and stews in winter. Get enough rest and sound sleep.
  • Ending a shower with a cool burst once a day boosts wei qi.
  • Exercise outside, whatever the weather, is beneficial.
  • Manage stress and working hours where possible.
  • When feeling run down, slow down and rest.
  • If you are ill, take extra nutrients, probiotics and herbs, have a few acupuncture sessions and support your body by giving it time to naturally overcome an infection.
  • Regular monthly acupuncture sessions support and strengthen immunity.  Scientific research shows that acupuncture increases the white blood cells and helps the immune system to react swiftly and strongly to threats.


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